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Scottish Shortbread Cookies Almond Honey 24ct Box

Scottish Shortbreads are brushed with warm honey and coated in toasted sliced almonds to create our irresistible Almond Honey shortbreads.


Scottish Shortbread Cookies Almond Honey 24ct Box


The Almond Honey Scottish Shortbreads are made with the same buttery Scottish Shortbread dough but then brushed with warm pure honey and tossed in toasted sliced almonds for a crunchy almond flavor.

Some people say it’s the best cookie they’ve ever tried.

The shortbreads will arrive in a super cute Philly Cookie Company custom box.

They are individually wrapped in 2 packs and labeled with nutrition and allergen information.

The shortbreads will be shipped straight to your doorsteps.

The shortbreads are prepared and packaged in a hygienic, licensed and registered food production facility.
They will arrive with clear allergen and ingredient statement.


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