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Scottish Shortbread Cookies - Almond Honey

Legendary Shortbread Cookies Hand-Made In Philadelphia

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Cinnamon Scottish Shortbread Cookies made by Philly Cookie Co.
Cinnamon Scottish Shortbread Cookies made by Philly Cookie Co.

Born from Passion, Baked with Tradition

our story

Philly Cookie Company wasn’t born out of a grand business plan, but from a love of good food and a desire to share it. Founded in 2021, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, we set out with a simple mission: to create incredible Scottish Shortbread using pure butter and natural ingredients. Our signature “Scottish Shortbread Cookie” recipe is a testament to this passion. Inspired by the owner’s fondness for classic Shortbread, it’s a unique blend of influences. Over a decade of baking and pastry experience, a touch of food science, and a rich cultural tapestry – American, French, and Vietnamese – all come together in this delicious treat.

Founder & Owner | Chef Loc Pham

A Legacy of Flavor

Vietnam's nearly 100-year French colonial past left a lasting mark on its cuisine. French pastries, breads, and, of course, butter, became deeply ingrained in Vietnamese culture. It's no surprise then, that our founder, who immigrated to the US as a child in the early 90s, found American bakery offerings left something to be desired. Back then, pastries and breads often leaned heavily on sweetness and artificial fats. Traditional Shortbread, however, stood out. Its rich, buttery taste sparked a culinary quest to recreate that magic. Countless trials and adjustments later, something even more spectacular emerged: the Philly Cookie Company's Original Scottish Shortbread.

Uniquely Philly

Our take on Scottish Shortbread is a distinct departure from the traditional. Thinner, with a crumbly-crisp texture and a deeper color, it offers a delightful balance of savory and buttery notes. We believe it's truly unique, both in flavor and texture.We also love to experiment with seasonal flavors, offering a variety alongside our classic Original. Currently, you can find Almond Honey and Cinnamon Sugar tempting your taste buds. Thank you for joining us on this journey! We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the joy of a truly delicious Scottish Shortbread.

Original Scottish Shortbread Cookies Philly Cookie Co.

Perfect balance of taste and texture.

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